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“Believe nothing to be impossible”

- Amy Johnson 1936

On 5th May 1930, a 26 year old typist from Hull climbed aboard a wood and fabric, open cockpit biplane and flew to Australia. They said she’d never make it…she proved them wrong.

With only 99 hours in her logbook Amy crashed her way to Australia. Flying over uncharted land, shark infested seas, in sand storms, dense fog and monsoon rain. Amy Johnson landed in Darwin on the 24th May 1930 becoming the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia and an international celebrity.

Amy spent the 1930s breaking records, boundaries and rules, facing fierce feminist prejudice. A daredevil pilot and the first British female Ground Engineer, the world adored her and she became a beacon of hope for female empowerment.

Amy Johnson was the ‘influencer’ of her time; 11 years later she was dead. Amy died in a mysterious air crash while serving her country during the Second World War. Her body and the wreckage of her plane were never found. She was just 37 years old.

Today, little is known of Amy Johnson and her inspirational achievements – the Amy Johnson Project is changing that.

We are retelling her story, searching for answers to the mystery surrounding her death and building on her legacy to inspire and empower a whole new generation to make bold choices, chase their dreams and FLY!

Celebrating and remembering the life and achievements of Amy Johnson.

Searching for answers to the many questions surrounding Amy’s death.

Building on Amy’s legacy to inspire, empower and motivate people to chase their dreams.